Posted: March 24, 2015 by thesvuunderground in Tapestry of Life

Helloooo! It is March 24, and tonight there’s going to be a special impromptu meeting in Jonzzey’s at 8 for brainstorming! Bring your ideas, problems, hopes, blocks, and we’ll try and hash some things together. Simply because we have not been super organized this semester and we want to do something! Tell your friends, bring them along, and get storming.

Also! Tomorrow March 25, at 4 PM in Durham, we will be having an official meeting! The word is difficult to get out around campus, though, so it is getting a very close announcement here.

Please go forth and come hither with ideas, words, and fire! (but not actual fire because that’s prohibited on campus. We’d like to stay running, thanks~)

Weave. Tear. Mend.



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