About The Underground

The Underground is Southern Virginia University’s premier creative writing group. Bound by a love of writing and a strange yet endearing obsession with curious animals, we support each other through our goals for writing. Together, we shall write what’s between the lines of our world and share it with one and all.

The Underground is a social network, established around one central group, in which many small satellite groups can organize and contribute with their own special focuses. In this way all can benefit from the collective abilities of each other while each pursues the perfection of their own craft.

The Gyre Point

The Gyre Point is the center of The Underground where all groups come together. Membership is open to any student of Southern Virginia University. Typically, the Gyre Point will host meetings and activities at least once a month. Members are encouraged to learn about the various satellite groups by collaborating with other writers at  meetings. The Gyre Point will also invite other satellite groups to host activities to promote their special focus and benefit the club as a whole.

The Fates, Past and Present

Karlie Anderson: Lachesis starting in Fall 2014.

Madison Clark: Atropos starting in Fall 2014.

Ruth Danielle Crook: Clotho beginning in spring 2013. A junior majoring in Liberal Arts, Minoring in Philosophy and Biology, eventually changing to minor in Philosophy, Family & Child Development, and Creative Writing. She has an intense interest in  ‘why’ questions, and greatly enjoys both worldbuilding and character development. She works with The Review, the literary magazine of Southern Virginia University, and has worked with The Paladin regarding photos. Her totem animal is a jaguar.

Douglas Benjamin Speck: Clotho from the origin until graduating in spring 2013. A senior at Southern Virginia majoring in both English and Liberal Arts, he has a particular fondness for crafting stories. A plotter at heart, he delves into most genres (though science fiction is emerging as his strength). His time is divided between multiple writing outlets, including The Paladin (Southern Virginia’s Student Newspaper). His totem animal is a skunk.

Mikhail Julius Estrela e de Lacerda McIntosh: Or Mika for short. Lachesis from origin until graduating in spring 2013. A senior, English major and double minor in Theater and Creative Writing. Awesome hair, long eyelashes, fan of green chucks. Enjoys creating new worlds and stories, and anything to do with the supernatural. A huge fan of flash fiction, tending to use the stories as studies in how people love differently, each story having a melancholic twist to keep things interesting. His totem animal is a crow.

Reilly Dale Powell: Atropos from origin until graduating in spring 2013. A super senior studying English literature and Creative Writing. President of Southern Virginia University’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta and staff writer for The Paladin and The Accolade. Resident Slytherin. Writes: news articles, science fiction/fantasy/adventure novels, slice of life-ish short stories (almost always dealing with death), and mutated anti-fairy tales and fairy tales.  Her totem animal is an octopus.


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