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The school semester is in full swing, and there have been a few meetings to help establish what we as the Underground are and who our Muses are. To better keep the flow of things going, the Fates request that all the Muses email by Friday Oct. 3rd with an initial meeting plan/date. With at least a first meeting projection plan, further details can be worked out for all of the satellite groups.

So please, if you are Muse, email your initial ideas! If you are not a Muse, there’s a list over on The Network link. Bother them to send an email so that the satellite groups can start meeting~ :3

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“You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” – Jack London

Our most recent meeting was mostly about discovering the different satellites and new Muses, but we also did some inspiration-clubbing! Huh; interesting term… At any rate, have some of our results:


The scarlet building was unassuming. From its bleak exterior, no one knew the horrors it contained… The madness within came out to play each night. The hysterical laughter could be heard for a mile around. Which really confused all the cows in the area. They were just minding their own business, a usual, when the echos reached their ears. Many looked up towards the sound. A few inched away, unsure how to react. But most cows simply went back to their activities. The laughter quieted.
“Wow, that was some tough crowd,” the comic’s girlfriend Mary trailed off. She knew her boyfriend was a lousy comic, still she tried to be supportive. Each day felt like a chore. She got up, listened to him crack his terrible jokes, kissed him goodbye…
And then, before he had time to defend himself or even to register the event in his conscious mind, she had the cold barrel of his .45 against his jaw, and she wasted no time in pulling the trigger. Crimson splotches littered the sky. They splashed and as they did so, they created a painting of beautiful message. A painting of war and carnage, of the satisfaction of ending your opponent, the satisfaction of knowing that some day, you yourself will be ended in the same way.
“What an ugly painting; throw it out.”
“Are you sure? I think I like it, that one has his shirt off.”
“Oh quit it Larry!” Phil stood and pulled the painting from his hands.
“You know I prefer Hello Kitty paintings.” Hello Kitty paintings, in all their splendor, were beautiful to look at, except for this one. In this particular painting, Hello Kitty was stabbing a dog with a hunting knife.


Esmerelda lived in the bottom room of the basement of Charlie Brown’s house. Every morning when she woke up she imagined the kinds of zany adventures she would go on that day, then promptly fell asleep. In her mind, drifing along the fresh dreamscape, she would act out the crazy adventures she had created. The ships and flying unicorns. The fairytale queens and evil godmothers. The strange people she met everywhere. All figments of her imagination. All that which got her a prescription for schizophrenia medicine.
Not that she actually need- ok, she did. The symptoms irritated and frightened her on a daily basis. But the side effects of the meds… They were not always much better. I mean, standard ‘no not operate heavy machinery,’ sure. But increased migraines? I thought I had this under control. I mean, I tried the new pills and they worked. They worked great.
That is, until the last flash back. There she was, her gown swirling in the mist. Her unearthly laughter echoed in my mind and never left me alone. She would walk gently on the wet grass, like a doe. The wet grass reminded her of other wet things, like slimy fish, their cold little bodies, and the cold little bodies of the fishermen when their trip comes to a sudden and unexpected end.
They are odd creatures, fishermen. They struggle so much, but they accomplish so little. They should accept their fate and move on. Life is a part of death, and so as the fisherman kills the fish, I kill the fishermen.


Each sound swooping through the air, piercing the dark of the night. Owls swirled around each other in the most unusual fashion. Feathers flew brown, speckled and white falling like rain. Each owl reaching out at each other grappling in the air. It was a spectacle to be sure, but there was no one left to watch it; the owls had killed everyone in their mindless rage, and now they would kill each other, as well. As owl leapt after another, tearing through flesh and bone, all that could be done was to wait.
Soon, there were two. Zhing-se and Yon the Conqueror, chieftans of their tribes, faced off in the twilight. Zhing-se was first to strike, raking his talons forward in a downwards arc.
“Gosh darn it, Zhing-se!” yelled teh bakery manager, “I was going to slice that ham with the carving machine! Now you’ve covered it in your nasty talon marks.”
He paced over furiously and smacked the naughty bird upside the head.
“How dare you GilBird!” Prussia shouted.
“Pi, pi pi pi,” the bird replied.
“No, that’s not an excuse. Say you’re sorry.”
The bird looked at him apologetically, then lowered his head. His eyes were tender and showed how much he cared. A feeling of deep guilt penetrated his heart as he realized all that he had done. It sat there, piercing for a moment.
Then he was fine again. The moment of guilt was always followed by such a great relief, that it was almost like an addiction. Maybe that was why he kept doing things like this. It just felt too good after to not to.
He grinned at his work, and then he walked away.


There was a woman on the bridge. She was only there in the late hours of the day until the early hours of the morning. She had long black hair and a long white dress. She always seemed to be crying. But the people who saw her crying didn’t always live to share the tale. No one knew her name. She was alone in the world.
Each day ended and began alone in her little blue house by the bay. She had friendly neighbors, but no one bothered to speak more than a hello to her. Some days she felt like she would forget. But no matter how much time passed, she could always imagine an empty pair of eyes, cold and distant, watching her from teh garden plot just outside the kitchen window.
One day, she decided to talk wit hthese eyes. Or, not so much talk as somehow establish communication with their holder. She walked outside of her kitchen and onto the patio where the eyes keenly and calmly stared… stared deep, deep into her soul.
She swooned as she recognized Fabio waiting for her in the bushes. “Oh, Fabio!” she cried, “not here, not while my parents are visiting!”
Fabio stood and swished his way towards her, staring at her with sad, lonely eyes. “I couldn’t stay away, Danice.”
“No, my love! I can’t bear to watch you suffer because of me! Please, just go.”
“Janice, you know I can’t. I love you too much.”
“Janice looked at him, tears in her eyes. “You ruined me. I loved you and you abandoned me. I was left desolate and desperate on the side of the road.”
“I’m sorry. I did what I had to do, no matter how painful it was.”

Not as painful as our breathing was after reading these; laughter abounded. Twas much fun!

And our next meeting will be happening soon, so keep your ears and eyes open for the next announcement! Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Notices of Note

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So! The first week has begun! Schedules are getting worked out. All sorts of fun. And next week, there will be even more fun. Still working on the details, but sometime on the afternoon of Saturday the 6th of September there will likely be an Underground meeting; the first of the semester. Make sure you can be there if you are at all interested in finding out what kinds of things we do, can do, might or might not do, and give your input with it all! You’ll get to learn what sorts of schemes are in the works, and likely contribute a bit to them as well. Specific time will be posted as it becomes clearer.

Just as a precaution, bring along a pen or pencil. (which you probably do anyway, but there may be an activity requiring their use at the meeting~)


Now, not to forget The Review, the literary magazine in which students can get published (and earn prize money), there will be an interest meeting for that tomorrow, August 28th, at 6 PM in Durham 201. If that’s too soon of notice, there will be another meeting on September 4th at 4:30 PM in Durham 201. If publishing is of any interest to you, which it probably is, then join in at that time to learn more.


Bring your friends to these meetings, too! The more interest we can garner, the better attended will be activities and events, and more interaction means more results when you’re talking about brainstorming or writing things together. Plus, it’s tons of fun. Just look at some of the past posts to verify that.

And no matter what activities do or don’t happen, or whatever classes you take on, just keep writing. Write something, every day. Be it a little bit of homework you should probably get to before the day it’s due, or a blog you attempted to start a while ago, or maybe just some poetry for yourself, or a project you’ve been after for forever; do it. Writing every day is one sure way to at least make progress, if in nothing else than awareness of your writing style or word flow. Both of those are important to be able to work with, no matter your level.


Weave. Tear. Mend.


Starting the Semester

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As summer comes to a close, we will be seeing returning, and many and new, faces amidst The Underground. There will be a reprieve during at least the first week or so of school, as classes get established and people learn anew where they are to go. But soon thereafter, we shall have our first meeting of the semester! Keep an eye posted here for updates, as well as around campus.

Hopefully you’ve been writing something over the summer, or even a few things, as consistent use keeps those composition muscles limber! But if a few writings have been neglected during your vacation, don’t worry; The Underground is here to help~

Don’t forget: The Review is the literary magazine put out by SVU once a year, publishing students’ works and offering prize money too! As long as the work is from within the past year, you can submit it! Further guidelines and such can be found on the submission forms, which will be found outside of Durham 309 when available.

Hope to see you soon.

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Chose Your Ending

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So! The end of the semester is coming up fast. Very fast. But we have time to squeeze in one more meeting ! This Saturday, April 26 at 2 PM, will be our final meeting for the semester.We’ll be playing Once Upon A Time again, but this time with some expansions (thanks to a generous member of the Underground). Come to Durham 201 and we’ll get to see where the stories take us! (as we frantically try to direct them in our own preferred directions)

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Words and Food

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I had you at the second word, didn’t I? Well, keep on reading to find out why!

First off, while our last meeting was not necessarily epically attended, those who did come had a lot of fun! And worked through a number of blockages. (or at least made progress thereon).

Now, getting to the food:

The Review is the literary magazine which all students can submit poetry, prose, and artwork to for possible publication. The new edition just came out this past week! A number of our members got published therein; pick one up around campus~

For fundraising to continue this awesome publication opportunity, The Review is hosting a spaghetti event titled “Pasta, Prose, & Poetry” April 4th at 6:30 PM. That’s tomorrow! For $6, you get a plate of food, and the chance to listen to people share their works at the microphone. If you bring something to share yourself, you get a 33% discount, too! So, you could share your own work (if you want), listen to others’ work, and get pasta!

(The event will only be an hour, though, so don’t dwaddle about getting there!)

Hope to see you there~


Weave. Tear. Mend.


We Meet Again

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A new semester has started, and along with it are flurries of new activity and classes. (And snow, but that’s beside the point…) Amidst the chaos, the Underground has waited patiently for members to return, to remember that there is a corner of existence for them to write within.

That time has come. This Saturday, the 8th of February at 2 PM in Durham 201, we will be having a meeting. Come with pen or pencil, come with a friend, come with your notebook, and come with ideas.


Weave. Tear. Mend.