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A Brainstorm is Coming

Posted: November 11, 2014 by thesvuunderground in Tapestry of Life
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November, as you may or may not know, is NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. Try to write 50,000 words in a month. GO.

Some may be tackling this, some not, but undoubtedly we are all working on something or other. So this Saturday the 15th, at 2:30 in Durham 201, we shall have a meeting to gather together and brainstorm! Helping one another out with plot points, obstinate characters, and any other development you may wish for some input on. Shorts, novels, poetry, bring ’em all! We are going to gather for the benefit of all.

We will have a time limit for each person, so that everyone can get some help, but if everyone goes and there’s still time afterwards then we can return to things that we feel need more attention. So be prepared to share a short summary and/or pinpoint the problem you want addressed, so we can spend as much time as possible helping one another out.

This time limit will likely be from 10-15 minutes a person, but again, we can always come back to things after everyone’s had the opportunity to get help.

Remember, 2:30 on Saturday! Come with questions so we can all work on some answers.

Weave. Tear. Mend.



Review and Prepare

Posted: August 28, 2013 by RC in Tapestry of Life
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Hey, a new school year is coming up quickly, so be prepared for more Underground activities! There will be at least one big group Underground meeting near the start of the semester, to help establish what groups are still around and who their muses are! Information regarding that will be forthcoming after the semester starts. And just so you know that at these meetings, we do do more than organize, I’ll be sharing a few stories we wrote at the last meeting on April 13th. Concerning those who attended, we decided to speed-group-write a few things. How does that work? Well come and find out! We’ll probably do another activity like this at the next meeting.

Here are a few:

The Cow

“What am I going to do now?” She thought. She was stuck in the woods with a talking cow. She pondered for a minute on whether it was the being stuck part or the talking cow that bothered her more. She decided that overall, the cow was a wonderful conversationalist.

Unfortunately, there was never much of interest to talk about. The ethics of grass verses hay or alfalfa could only stay interesting for so long. And so, the cow was brought along on the trip for intrigue’s purposes.

But, enough about the cow. The true purpose for the trip was much more important and intriguing than a simple bovine could encompass. This trip was the difference between life, death, and all in between.

Death and History

The computer screen died. Why had it died?! Weren’t they supposed to stay lit while you worked? Had it not gotten enough juice? Had it hit something? She wondered all this anxiously as she stood waiting at the IT office. They would see her soon enough…

And when they did, the devil would have nothing on her. She would get her revenge one way or another. In her opinion, the whole world deserved to burn for what happened, but he’d settle for the souls of those who crossed her. They would pay, and dearly.

She imagined what she would do to them once she caught them. Perhaps she would fling them into oblivion. Or she could try erasing them form existence. Both options were just so tempting. Perhaps she should flip a coin; some of the best ideas and compromises in history came from a coin flip, not that the history books would tell you anything about that. History books always left out the interesting bits.

Point of View

The scientist looked around the lab; something seemed… wrong. Something was missing. As he inspected the cages, he realized what it was.

“Has anyone seen the genetically-modified, perpetually rabid squirrel?”

“Don’t ask stupid questions!”

“I only ask because it was right here a moment ago, and now it’s gone. Isn’t that a very bad thing?”

“No.” Came the gruff reply; “Well, maybe that really all depends on your point of view. If you’re the squirrel, it’s good; if you’re bitten by it, then no.”

“I’ll try to avoid the mouth, then.” I replied, a bit more nervously than I’d intended. But then again, I hadn’t any idea if the creature had ever been handled before, let alone picked up and carried anywhere. It looked innocent enough, but the description just given gave me serious doubts. I mean, if it was safe and normal, would it have been so hard to find and use? Would the mere description – the little known description – given any one the chills? OF course not. That’s why I decided to investigate myself.

Life. Maybe.

Death was coming. She could feel the chill as it froze her lungs. Yet, time seemed to slow and still as her breathing dulled and her eyes blurred. She was trying her best not to pass out. She tried remembering how she had gotten into this situation…

It had hall started out simple enough; go to the market and sell the old duck. But life had a strange way of turning corners on you when you least expected it. Stupid unpredictable life!

Not that un-life was any better, if that was what it was called. Well, if un-dead was the right term, why not un-life? Being undead was overrated.


So, keep your eyes and ears open for the next Underground meeting! Hope to see you there.

Weave. Tear. Mend.