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Meeting Times

Posted: October 4, 2014 by thesvuunderground in Tapestry of Life
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Alright! Some of the Muses have responded to the call, and there are now official first meeting dates for a few satellite groups:

The Gloomies, a macabre development group, shall be meeting on October 17th from 4-5 PM in the Lofts 1st Floor Lobby.

Enjambment, the poetry group, will be meeting on October 18 at 1 PM at the Peristyles. (the Roman/Greek-looking colonnade between Main and Durham)

The Scrawlers, a group that dedicates time to simply putting words to paper, will meet on October 25th from 4-5 PM in the Lofts 1st Floor Lobby.

Those Muses who have yet to come up with a time, please email by next Friday! (That’s Oct 10th)

As for those mentioned above, please attend whichever ones you feel drawn to! There will likely be discussion of better meeting times for those interested at these first meetings, so get involved~

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Notices of Note

Posted: August 28, 2014 by thesvuunderground in Tapestry of Life
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So! The first week has begun! Schedules are getting worked out. All sorts of fun. And next week, there will be even more fun. Still working on the details, but sometime on the afternoon of Saturday the 6th of September there will likely be an Underground meeting; the first of the semester. Make sure you can be there if you are at all interested in finding out what kinds of things we do, can do, might or might not do, and give your input with it all! You’ll get to learn what sorts of schemes are in the works, and likely contribute a bit to them as well. Specific time will be posted as it becomes clearer.

Just as a precaution, bring along a pen or pencil. (which you probably do anyway, but there may be an activity requiring their use at the meeting~)


Now, not to forget The Review, the literary magazine in which students can get published (and earn prize money), there will be an interest meeting for that tomorrow, August 28th, at 6 PM in Durham 201. If that’s too soon of notice, there will be another meeting on September 4th at 4:30 PM in Durham 201. If publishing is of any interest to you, which it probably is, then join in at that time to learn more.


Bring your friends to these meetings, too! The more interest we can garner, the better attended will be activities and events, and more interaction means more results when you’re talking about brainstorming or writing things together. Plus, it’s tons of fun. Just look at some of the past posts to verify that.

And no matter what activities do or don’t happen, or whatever classes you take on, just keep writing. Write something, every day. Be it a little bit of homework you should probably get to before the day it’s due, or a blog you attempted to start a while ago, or maybe just some poetry for yourself, or a project you’ve been after for forever; do it. Writing every day is one sure way to at least make progress, if in nothing else than awareness of your writing style or word flow. Both of those are important to be able to work with, no matter your level.


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Chose Your Ending

Posted: April 22, 2014 by thesvuunderground in Tapestry of Life
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So! The end of the semester is coming up fast. Very fast. But we have time to squeeze in one more meeting ! This Saturday, April 26 at 2 PM, will be our final meeting for the semester.We’ll be playing Once Upon A Time again, but this time with some expansions (thanks to a generous member of the Underground). Come to Durham 201 and we’ll get to see where the stories take us! (as we frantically try to direct them in our own preferred directions)

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Once Upon A Time…

Posted: November 5, 2013 by thesvuunderground in Tapestry of Life
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Once Upon A Time – Underground

Hopefully the link works. I tried putting the audio of the video over a single image, but Windows Movie Maker is so… ridiculous now, that I can’t make it do simple things. XP

Enjoy the craziness!

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Maze Meeting

Posted: November 5, 2013 by thesvuunderground in Tapestry of Life
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Alright, so this past Saturday was rather entertaining for those of us who were able to attend! I got some video of the event, which I will post up later.

But more importantly, this Thursday is the first meeting of the Maze of Time this semester! The Maze of Time is a prompt production group. Once a prompt is received, anything (Honor-Code appropriate) goes. Write a poem, short short, what have you. Want to know more, or just want to get some creative juices flowing? Come to Durham 202 at 7:30 PM on Thursday November 5! The Maze will meet weekly after that point, same place and time. If you’re interested in going, but the time doesn’t work for you, leave a comment and I will talk with the Muse of the Maze about it.

Also, don’t forget that on Saturday, we’re having a NaNoWriMo potluck writing day in Durham! Bring some snackage/food if you can. Even if you aren’t doing NaNoWriMo, come if you want time to just write. (If nothing else, it will give you an excuse to work on that project you never seem to get to.) Durham 201 is reserved for our use from 9-5, so come when you can!

Weave. Tear. Mend.


Writing Together

Posted: October 28, 2013 by thesvuunderground in Tapestry of Life
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Our previous meeting was a success, I believe! A number of Undergroundlings gathered , and we created a fine twisting of tales together. We had a timer to allow us to write a few sentences, then pass it along. Our starting theme was locked doors. Here are a few highlights:


Once there was a Capuchin in a locked cage. He was sad because there was a delicious looking fig on the table next to the cage, and no one would give it to him, nor could he reach it. It was a sad life for a little monkey when nobody gave a fig. And so the little monkey came up wit ha plan to get out of his cage and get to the fig.
He knew his owner always left his coat hangers laying around where he could reach. So, the next day after his owner left, he grabbed the wire hanger. He used the hanger to hook the keyring , and opened the cage. Finally! He was free!
“I will be seeing you lot later – or knot.” he remarked, making a strangling-noose motion as he left his cage.
He didn’t see, but the silhouettes he had talked to were already skeletons. They chuckled at his naivety. Only a while longer and the plan would be complete. It would allow them to continue living, and even take human form for a set while. All they had to do was continue to trick him, and steal his life force. The energy taken would give each around 5 years as a normal human, and 50 years as skeletons. Time was of the essence.
She wasn’t quite sure what to do next. She knew she had to do something, fast, but she was at a total loss. Tears began to well in her eyes, and her breathing became shallow. She was going into shock.
She knew that because someone had put a blanket around her shoulders. Everyone who knew anything knew that blankets meant shock. And still she couldn’t get the day’s events out of her head. She needed an artichoke. That would make her feel better. Or maybe a dancing Capuchin would do the trick? She wasn’t sure. But she did know that she had a blanket and, therefore, needed to be treated for shock.


I remember the day my father took me out fishing for the first time. We didn’t catch a single fish that day, but as we drove off into the dying light, I saw the piercing gaze of the Loch Ness Monster rising up to meet mine through the rear-view mirror.
That day haunted me for years. Try as I might, I could never shake the image of those eyes nor the strange expression on Nessie’s face. Once in a while, I was struck by a pensive mood and I would think back to that day and wonder what the Loch Ness Monster was doing now. I hoped it was alright. Maybe it had left. I wonder if it remembers me. I may never know. I hope I can go back someday. Who knows; maybe it found a partner and there are now lots of little Loch Ness Monsters swimming around there. I kind-of like that thought. Lots of little Nessies swimming about in the water… Adorable.
Until they get hungry, anyway. I wonder what Loch Ness Monsters eat? The local fish population would take a devastating blow, if they ate only fish… Of course, I don’t live here, so I probably shouldn’t worry about it.
With that in mind, I decided to see what was special about the place. Were there ghosts? Monsters? Demons? I’d soon find out, and become a legend.
I became a legend alright. A legend that added on to the mystery and explained to children why listening to their parents was a good idea. If only I had done the same, I’d be alive. But fate wasn’t so kind to my youthful folly. All too soon, I had died and yielded up my ghost. Now, I could only wait, hoping she would be wiser than I had been. I hoped that she, unlike I, would make it out alive.
After all, who would make bean dips for family reunions, or unlock the back door for sparkplug the dog to chase the creepy mailman? Or win all the bingo games on bingo night, or laugh every time I told that muffin joke? What did one muffin say to the other after…

Crazy Party

The door was locked. Go figure. He was running for his life and the one time he actually needed the doors to be left unlocked the maid had remembered to lock all the doors. He needed what was in that room. He really needed what was in that room.
Luckily the lock mechanism would be no match for his lockpicking skills. Or so he hoped. So he set to work on the lock wit his toolkit of choice: push and shove.
When that proved ineffective, he got out a small lever, then jammed it into the mechanism, hoping to break it. It worked, but only for a moment. Just as he started to relax, the lever snapped and pieces began to fly as it was devoured. The part he held on to launched him forward and, crying out, he slammed into a wall. The wall dented, and he was sure that bones and organs both were broken in him. He slid to the floor, cautiously trying to determine what he had broken before he again attempted to escape. The bone in his forearm was most definitely broken, and he grabbed a nearby rag to make a sling.
That was a good plan until the zombies showed up. Then the waitress from that diner he liked was suddenly behind him. She was yelling something about Apocalypses and how they had to get out of there.
“But my arm is broken!” he yelled.
Nobody cared that his arm was broken. In fact, everyone was so out of it after their wild artichoke party that they couldn’t be bothered to care about anything at all. But desperately he needed someone to care. What if his arm got worse? It could fall off and then what would happen to him?! What would to the arm?!  What if it somehow got a mind of its own when no longer connected to his brain?! Who knew what terrors an arm could unleash on the town! He had to concede that maybe the artichokes were starting to get to him.

Those Eyes

Jason pushed the door, but it wouldn’t budge. He tried the lock again, but it was all in vain. Jason was sure his grandma would kill him, but he just would not figure out what was behind the door. So he went out to shed for the axe. The problem lay in the fact that Jason had never wielded and an axe before.
His first attempt at hefting it up to swing ended up slicing the flower beds. Jason didn’t notice the cold eyes watching from the windows as he swung a second time.Those eyeballs this crazy grandmother kept on the windowsill had never really sat right with him. No matter where he went, he always felt like they followed him.
Suddenly Jason came to a resolution – those jarred eyeballs simply had to go. But how does one to destroy such a thing? If he threw them out, he ran the risk of them being returned. If he burned them, he would have to watch as the flames licked the eyeballs, and that just sounded gross. Suddenly an idea came to him; if a nursery rhyme character could bake blackbirds into a pie, then surely he could surely do the same with the jar of eyeballs. After all, desserts in jars were all the rage these days.Gumdrops in jars, jars of lollipops, jaw breakers, everything. Heck, he even saw ice cream in jars in the frozen section. He just didn’t get the point, and…
Where were all these jars coming from anyways?
Possibly the inter-dimensional wormhole over to the left of one of the cabinets…?
That can be investigated later. For now, what mattered was taking care of business with the apple pie that still needed to be put in the oven.The jars offered nice ingredient choices. This was going to be an amazing apple pie.
Taking a bite, her mouth was filled with flavor. It exploded like a bomb over each taste bud and confirmed the artistic talent hidden inside bakery.
Then the pain started. She couldn’t breathe. Her heart pounded and each breath came in gasps. Her head ached, and then her bone broke.

Appropriate timing for Halloween, eh?

So, our next meeting will be on November 2nd at 3 PM in Durham 201! Come ready to make a story together, using quick wit and some cards.

And don’t forget that if you want a chance at getting published, The Review’s deadline is on Friday November 1st at 5 PM! There are forms outside Durham 309, as well as the box to turn your amazing creations in. First prize in each category is $100, second prize is $50. Sounds like a deal to me, really.

Weave. Tear. Mend.


Meet Once More

Posted: October 3, 2013 by RC in Tapestry of Life
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Classes have been going on for a while now, so I think it’s time we had another Underground meeting! The first meeting was rather under-attended, although considering it was the second week of school, such is understandable. This next meeting will be in Durham 201 on Wednesday the 9th from 5:30-6:30 PM. I know that there is interest on campus – come and join the Underground for some creative writing craziness!

Tell everyone you know, and invite them to come along! We’ll be doing an activity where numbers will make things more interesting. And try to bring a pen or pencil with you (as if you don’t always carry one anyway).


Weave. Tear. Mend