The Network


The Fates

Ruth Crook – Clotho

deviantArt profile

Madison Clark – Atropos

Karlie Anderson – Lachesis

Minion: Kaitlyn Fife – Panic


Madison Clark & Erika Peterson – Gloomies

Karlie Anderson – Maze of Time

Jeremiah & Kaitlyn Fife – Worldbuilders

Kaitlyn Fife & Jeremiah – Plotters

Minion: Mariah

Mariah & Erika Peterson – Scrawlers

Cassandra Jarvie – Enjambment




The Fates

Ruth Crook – Clotho

deviantArt profile

Michelle Dart – Atropos


Michelle Dart – Maze of Time

David Martineau (Dave) & Ruth Crook – Worldbuilders

Lauren Stewart – Gloomies

Clarissa Reed – Enjambment

Lauren Stewart – Nooks


Elizabeth Moss (Elle)

Eddie Lee

Zachary Wiate


The Fates

Douglas Speck – Clotho

The Writer’s Skratchbook

Mika McIntosh – Lachesis

Bittersweet Marzipan

Reilly Dale Powell – Atropos

My Novel Idea


Spencer Merrell – The World Builders

The Close Horizon Now “Kampchalla


Dain Broadbent


Courtney McNeil

Simply Snow

Meghan Redner

This Curious Side

  1. Dain Broadbent says:

    It’s actually ‘DAiNGER!’ …

    But nbd.

  2. Spencer Merrell says:

    I, um, changed mine. It should be on the blog list you sent out earlier this semester. But in case you didn’t… It’s called “Kampchalla”, and it’s found at Thanks.

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